Batteries (WA) Pty Ltd brings to you the best high-performance motorbike batteries Perth has to offer. Our products are designed for the enthusiasts and the professionals, so you are guaranteed to find the most reliable replacement batteries under one roof.

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With a commitment to be your one-stop shop for all things batteries, we carry a wide range of products from today's leading brands. Check out our product list to find the battery you're looking for.

Our GEL Motorcycle Batteries make the best choice, as they are:

  • Lighter and smaller, making them easy to handle
  • Designed to be mounted and used in most positions possible
  • Perfect for when you plan to go on a long ride or a tough race
  • More resistant to harsh conditions, so you won't have to worry when driving during the cold months
  • More resistant to vibrations, which is a constant when a motorcycle is on the road
  • Hold charge for a lot longer, reducing the risk of the battery running flat after months of non-use
  • Sealed, non-spillable and with no fume emissions
  • Free of the hassle that goes with battery care and maintenance

When you use one of the motorcycle batteries Perth has on offer, you can say goodbye to spills, leaks, high maintenance and frequent replacement. Nothing says great savings and longer motorbike rides than GEL Motorcycle Batteries.

Batteries (WA) Pty Ltd carries motorbike batteries from today's leading brands, providing you a wide range of options. We make sure our inventory is stocked, so you will get the batteries you need whenever you need it.