Are you looking for a battery that is reusable and renewable? Batteries (WA) Pty Ltd may just have the battery you're looking for, and it's nothing like the regular kind. What you need are what this deep cycle batteries Perth retailer offers. 

What is a Deep Cycle Batteries? 


Deep Cycle Batteries are designed to be regularly discharged. They provide continuous longer term power to equipment requiring electrical power. Discharge should be to the range of 45% to 75% of their capacity before commencing recharging. They're not just batteries but energy storage units. 

Electricity is a result of the voltage developed when a chemical reaction occurs within the unit. This is then discharged, after which the process of re-charging follows. Then the cycle continues. 

Where and how they're used greatly vary. A deep cycle battery can be used to support a smaller boat's power source, trolling motors for recreational fishing boats, automotive fridges, traffic signals, recreational and electric vehicles, electric wheelchairs, UPS (Uninterruptible power supply), traction batteries, audio equipment and marine batteries Perth

Car Batteries vs Deep Cycle Batteries

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Deep cycle batteries differ from car batteries in a sense that they provide power at a steady rate over a long period, instead of just a burst of energy in a short period. A car battery can only deliver so much power, but not the same level as what a deep cycle battery can provide. 

Different Types of Deep Cycle Batteries


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A deep cycle battery may either be flooded (FLA) or valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA), with the latter further categorised as AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries and GEL batteries. Then, there's the lithium ion variety that was recently introduced on the market. 

FLA is similar to a standard car battery, which is why it is most common. The major difference between the two main categories is the cell's cycle life and performance. 

AGM Deep Cycle Batteries vs. GEL Deep Cycle Batteries

AGM deep cycle batteries are reinforced by absorbed glass mat separators that absorb electrolyte and reduce jolting vibrations and spilling. They have many desirable qualities.

AGM deep cycle batteries


  • Totally sealed
  • Safe to transport and mount inside a vehicle, boat or motorhome, etc. 
  • Never requires water top up
  • Charges quickly, discharges deeply
  • 3% per month self-discharge rate
  • Developed originally for the military

On top of these, AGM batteries can be recharged and used in full service even after they sit idle for a year. Given their robust design, it will discharge deeply without incurring any damage. 

GEL Deep Cycle Batteries

Also known as gel cell, these batteries have a gel electrolyte. They're better than a wet cell because:


 GEL Deep Cycle Batteries


  • They don' need to be kept upright
  • Eliminates spillage, protects against corrosion
  • Eliminate electrolyte evaporation 
  • Extremely resistant to shock, vibration and extreme temperatures


How to Buy Deep Cycle Batteries 

When choosing deep cycle batteries Perth has to offer, make sure they have the size and type suitable for their operating conditions and application. That is, a battery must have the capacity to power up the equipment or vehicle you want to use and withstand the kind of conditions it will be subjected to. Calculate the power consumption against the battery capacity (Amp Hours).

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