Are you looking for a perfect place where you can buy car batteries? Finding the right car batteries dealers that sell genuine and quality car batteries can be very challenging. If you want long-lasting high-quality batteries then this is the right place for you. The following are some of the reasons why you should not hesitate to use us for car batteries in Perth.

We are a leading supplier of genuine and quality batteries that will serve you for a long time. Our batteries are tested, approved and meet the Australian Standards.

Car Battery Replacement

We also offer in store excellent car battery replacement services at affordable pricing. We are licensed and accredited to deal with a wide array of car batteries and other products.

Choosing the Right Car Batteries in Malaga

"Batteries (WA) Pty Ltd" has a strong affiliation with  many different Brands & Products relating to the Automotive & Marine industry.

Brands includes AC Delco, Titan, Deka, PowerSonic, SSB, Optima, Delkor, Remco, Matson, Redarc, Ctek & Victron

OzCharge Products available include AGM & Gel Batteries, a full range of Chargers & jumper packs. Other OZcharge products are also available on request.

We also carry "Optima & Deka Power Sports" Battery products in extreme, high power circumstances you may encounter. Other related quality products such as Battery Chargers, Inverters, Jumper Packs, Solar Panels & Dual battery setups are also available.

Nomad 100AH Lithium PDU (Power Distribution Unit)

Nomad 100AH Lithium PDU (Power Distribution Unit)The Nomad PDU is a portable, lightweight and powerful dual battery option. It can be set up as a dual in the vehicle with an optional DCDC 10 or 20AMP Lithium specific in-car kit.

DIY OR Installed by a professional after the Latest V5 with 80% DOD, 25AMP Regulated charging capacity.

Don't be fool by its weight and size, it takes up less space than traditional dual setups and is portable. Remove it from the vehicle at Camp, and don't confine to the vehicle.

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